Upcoming Treasure Hunt Event

All the details on this event can be found in our team newsletter.

If you didn’t receive the newsletter please go this blog:

http://www.galla15.blogspot.com (sorry that isn’t clickable can’t get it to go live, just copy and paste if needed)  near the top right of the blog is a link to sign up.  Once you subscribe you will then get an e-mail asking you to confirm your subscription.  You may need to check your spam/junk box for this message.  Only after you confirm your subscription will you receive the team newsletter.

Here is the picture you need for your listing.  Place this picture into ONE listing of your shop, NOT the main picture.

To use this image, click on the image to pull up a FULL screen image, then right click, click  save as…. save it to your computer (any file you want on your computer) then edit the listing you want this in.

OPTIONAL TEAM BANNER if you would like:

And don’t forget to consider to change your Avi to a Treasure Chest if you want.

Go to Google Images and search the treasure chest.  We may have people picking the same ones but we all need to be different so we don’t get confused 🙂


Contact http://www.crystalphotography.etsy.com if you want a personalized Avi.  She has been kind enough to offer personalized graphics for 5 bucks!!!  She only has a few days maybe before having her twins though, so get in touch with her quick!  She will need you to send her images that you want used.



12 responses to “Upcoming Treasure Hunt Event

  1. Yeah… this looks like a blast.. can not wait to get started!!

    Great job on the blog as well ladies!!

  2. Above post was mine.. sorry was not signed in!!

  3. So excited and I hope we all get ton of sales in this month 🙂

  4. This sounds like a lot of fun! Looking forward to it!!! Nice new blog! Great job ladies.

  5. Wow … our very own blog! This was a lot of work and I appreciate everything Janet & Crystal did to get this ready!!!

  6. Nice blog!! sounds like November will be fun!

  7. this sounds like so much fun!

  8. wow!! this is nice!! yeah!! I will be definitely getting this image hidden in one of my items ..
    Banner..is it for the store or the blog?
    Can we use the image that is going into the shop for a blog button to redirect people here?
    Thanks for doing this!

    • Sure use the image for your blogs!! Any promoting is appreciated.
      The picture is to go into a listing in your store, so that a potential customer has to search for it, go on a treasure hunt. Once they find that item, it will give them a special offer in the description off the item. Hope that helps 😉

  9. Symbolic Imports

    SO excited!! Thanks a bunch to Janet, Crystal and everyone involved for their hard work, dedicated and leadership for our team!!

  10. The blog looks great! Thanks so much for your hard work. Count me in for most of November.

  11. Love the new Team Blog, great job.

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