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Promotional Frenzy Team and Activities

Want to know what the Promotional Frenzy Team is, and what they do?

Do you want more exposure to your etsy shop?  Do you need more views, sales, and improved Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

A team on Etsy is starting to help you:  “Promotional Frenzy”

We are a group/team of people wanting to combine our efforts to gain more than we could on our own.  The heart of this group is for promotions.  We are a very nice group, and supportive and will help each other as much as we can, but the idea is to gain more momentum to the shops who participate.

Each day a new thread is started by a team leader.  The very 1st post of the thread gives the details for that days activities.  Any important information is highlighted in the threads to make it as easy as possible for teammates to know what is going on.


REQUIREMENTS: Must have required social networking accounts set up PRIOR to joining PFT.

1. You have to participate in a minimum of TWO activities per week which is approximately a 60 minutes for the week sometimes more.

2. You must be willing to put in consistent effort into improving your shop. This can entail creating new product lines, listing more inventory, working on product photography, improving on keywords and placements of those keywords etc.
3. You must be willing to use social networking sites, and be willing to try new ones as we grow and evolve. No business will be successful OR stay successful if they become stagnant. So the sites we use will change and/or grow over time.

Minimum requirements for social networking sites:

A.  http://www.stumbleupon.com – For instructions to set up and account:   http://galla15.blogspot.com/2010/10/what-is-stumbling-and-how-you-can-use.html
B.  http://www.twitter.com
C.  http://www.flickr.com
D. http://www.pinterest.com 

Other optional networks (squidoo, kaboodle)
HIGHLY recommended: Facebook and kaboodle. Digg is great for the Blog activity. GOOGLE BUZZ is the next big thing, so please seriously consider this.

4. You must post in our social networking thread all of your social networks so that we can follow each other.
5. You MUST sign up for our team newsletter.

This way even if a shop is on vacation we are able to make sure all members have the most up to date information. This will eliminate confusion when important changes are made. Anyone not signed up or that removes themselves from this newsletter will be removed. We won’t be spamming people only important updates will be sent out.
6. You must have a blog, and have it set up prior to joining.

7. You must join these 2 treasury teams (there are no requirements or additional tasks to do for these treasury teams- just if you want them to click and comment on yours, you must click and comment on theirs)
Read their rules for details or see our thread here –

TPT – http://www.etsy.com/teams/7288/treasury-promotion-team
Click & Comment – http://www.etsy.com/teams/8963/click-comment/members?page=


MONDAY – We have a list for team members to add an item to, and then the list is promoted via social networks.

TUESDAY – One week is a team BNR the next week is team treasuries


THURSDAY – List a NEW Item challenge.  List is promoted via social networks.

FRIDAY – Casual Friday, we set up various activities each week that help improve our Etsy shops (Ex. work on tags, photo’s, networking etc.)

SATURDAY and SUNDAYS are off days.

***Feel free to share your social networking links, blog links, flickr links etc. And when someone posts a new item you can help promote that item then, you don’t have to wait for an event to promote.  The key is to stay for awhile and network and participate in all the events you can.****

Final note: if only a handful of us participate in these events there will not be a payoff.  So nothing is required but if you want to see success it would be highly benefical to get involved and do what you can.  The list of events is only a guide.  You can still list any day you want, blog anytime you want etc.  And please feel free to chat and have fun anytime.


1.  Sign up for team newsletter

2. Have twitter, stumbleupon, flickr, pinterest accounts set up

3.  Have a blog setup

4.  Be willing to give minimum of 60 minutes a week to promoting/networking